Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recycled crafts

For Earth Day Amelia wanted to make a recycled craft to bring for show and tell. We decided on these little water bottle fish.
Basically you paint glue on tissue paper to a twisted water bottle and voila......a fish. Does it really count as an earth day craft if I bought the water bottles to make the craft??  We never have water bottles.
These are hanging like a mobile from our chandelier right now along with our other recycled craft, jellyfish.

These are made from a clear plastic cup and curling ribbon and crepe paper. Amelia's was embellished a little more with glitter ribbon and these silver discs. I highly recommend it for an easy, scrap busting craft for kids.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Been so long

Yep, it's been like 6 months or something since I posted but this adorable little thing is why I haven't able to get to much of anything (and I guess the fact that we moved out of state 2 days after he was born, and did I mention Philip moved away 10 weeks before us, leaving me in charge of 2 kids, a house to pack, and a baby to incubate). Hours and hours of driving for Philip to come home "just in case", 4 hospital stays, tons of false alarms and still no baby. Finally the doctor agreed to give me pitocin and 1 hour later (seriously not kidding) Miles was born on April 3rd at a hefty 8 pounds, 10 ounces and 22 inches long. He was HUGE!!! But he is a perfect baby. Quiet, patient and growing like a weed. I finally have a squishy thighed baby. Now I am getting back to me which means making lists and crossing them off again.  Have no idea who reads this anymore, but I feel like it isn't official until I post it and then I can cross it off. So whether or not anyone checks it out, it's my therapy!!! On to the collages!!

 That owl hat in the above picture is the only thing I made for him.He only wore it for this picture because he grew too fast and he hated it. I guess the 3rd baby really does get all the hand-me-downs. The other things are my fun projects (or ones I actually took pics of) since Christmas!!!  From left to right clockwise: St Patrick's day bakesale pot of gold cupcakes, Amelia's best friend art necklace, apple apron from 2 towels, Christmas cinnamon wreath ornament , yarn beard, apple apron with matching oven mitt, seersucker adjustable apron and mitt, and Amelia's handmade Valentine's.

I could tell a post on each of these, but I am just getting them up and out so I can start for real again. Now on to more fun projects again!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Why do I do this??

I hate when I make a really cute pattern and don't write it down and then I can't recreate it. Especially when it's shoes and I need 2!!!!  You would think I would learn my lesson, but I don't.  I've been doing this for years. I was trying to make some crocheted baby moccasins and was so tired I didn't get up to find a pen and paper and actually stop each step to write it down and said to myself out loud, "This isn't that hard, I will totally be able to figure this out again, right", and Philip looks at me with total doubt and questions why I do this to myself.  Luckily I don't really love how it came out, so I am going to remake it but this time I am going to write it all down for real!!!   Poor 3rd child. It's true that they get less of those special things the others did, especially when it's the 2nd of a gender. It's crazy how much time and energy we spent getting clothes, bedding, and gear for each of our other 2. I just pulled out my box last night and said, "should I feel bad using pink burp clothes and putting pink socks on a boy if no one sees it?? I mean I do have boy stuff for when we go out, but if I can't get laundry done and he needs clothes.......", I guess I am just justifying my lack of interest in shopping, nesting, sewing, whatever it is. Hopefully the 2 hats, the pair of shoes (if I actually can get 2 to match!!) and a blanket or 2 I hope to make will make up for the other things I just don't seem to be rushing out to get this time around. And because I hate posts without pics....this is me 3 weeks ago. This seems so small when I look at it so I guess I have definitely popped more. I wish I had been better about picture taking this time around. I am just over 30 weeks now, so here's to the countdown!! Hope to post some of my creations soon!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Year end total

OK, I have been dying to see how much money I really spend on crafts and projects and my year end total is very positive. $280.43!!! I haven't even used a ton of this stuff  and I haven't posted a lot of the things I have done, so there are way more projects than are posted. The great thing too is I actually got a number of these items for free with credits and gift cards, but I don't want to try and factor that in. I think that's pretty impressive that I did all my homemade gifts, boredom projects, decorating, upcycling, toys for the kids and all that for less than $300!!! I don't know if I will track my money again this year. I mostly wanted to prove to my husband that all my crafting and supply buying is really worth it. He thought it was a lot more but I think he should be pleased to see this amount. So I think this proves I should keep it up!! So here's to another year of crafts and blogging. Hopefully after I am done creating my 3rd biggest craft (our baby boy due in the end of March) I will get back in the swing of things.  Happy crafting!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween is here at my house

I haven't been good about posting anything, so I decided to collage some of my fall/Halloween projects. I love the fabric pumpkins around and I had the perfect orange fabric. I filled mine half way with rice so it is kind of moldable and made the stem with rib knit for texture.  I want to make 100 of them but stopped myself at 1. The kids and I picked leaves and made leaf prints on burlap for our mantle.  We "carved" pumpkins which this year was just using those Mr Potato Head pieces and put in a pumpkin.  They are actually pretty cute and no mess. Today I made a dozen of these Frankenstein cupcakes for a party. And I coudlnt' resist the book pumpkin.  Mine already had an orange-ish hint to it, so I left it plain and made my vine out of quilt binding with wire in it.   I also have made 3 costumes, but more pics to come of that. Tonight the kids get to do a dress rehearsal and wear them to a party.  I'll have to post pics later.  I have to make 2 dozen cupcakes for Amelia's class party on Halloween. I liked these, I might do them again, or go a little simpler (and less food coloring) and do spider webs with candy spiders or plastic ring spiders.  Suggestions??

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Birthday

 Here's another 1 year birthday gift. It's a little car mat that rolls up to take on the go. One side has a little scene and 2 wooden cars held in with elastic so little hands can get them out easily. This little old man that lives down the street from us carves them on his porch.  He must have Parkinson's because every time he reaches out his hands are very shaky.  It makes me even more amazed at these little creations that I can't help walking away choked up every time.  He gives us one every time we walk by and each one is slightly different and it just makes his day and ours!! Last time he gave us these 2 and I immediately thought of this idea for a gift.  So glad I finally got around to it and had someone to share it with. 
 The other side has a race car track. It's made with a chenille fabric and corduroy so it's really nice to touch also. 

And the whole thing rolls up into a little bundle.  It is about the size of a changing pad so it would fit easily in a diaper bag or big purse.  Happy birthday Liam!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Belated Birthday presents

 I like to make things, especially for presents. On my husband's side of the family there are a lot of kids. He is one of 7 and my kids are 2 of 17 grand kids. It is a little too overwhelming for me to wrap my head around gifts for that many people, so a few years ago I kind of decided that I would do a baby present when they are born and a 1 year present.  This month there are 2 nephews turning 1, so I wanted to make activity books for them. After I got about a week into the first one, I realized how long it would take me to get 2 done and had to revamp my idea for the second nephew. I haven't even started it yet, so I'll save it for another post. This is a little activity book made around his name, Owen.  

 The first page has vinyl pockets that I envisioned putting his family pictures in, but I didn't have any current ones, so I added basic colors and they can add what they want later. I made the large envelope to hold the extras papers or pictures like animals, letters, numbers, whatever they want him to learn, or at some point maybe crayons or other small toys. I will let the mom customize them her way. 
Next is the ocean scene with a removable shark and fish. There are snaps around the page that they can put the pieces in different places. There are a lot of textures for him to feel and the treasure chest opens to see gold coins (gold sequins). The grass is grosgrain ribbon hand sewn with bumps in it to look wavy and the ends melted to prevent fraying. The words are printed on fabric made for your printer I had bought years ago to sew a picture blanket for my sister and still had some laying around.
 The next page is the bird house. The eggs are removable with buttons and the bird can be tucked away in the bird house (or the eggs too). The bird is sewn to be used on either side with little wings that flap.
 The last is a race track with a little race car to zoom around. It is attached to the page with velcro. He could also zoom around other cars, or the other animals from the book!!
 I mostly wanted something that could be fun with lots of colors, and textures and letters and different activities for fine motor skills. I used a very stiff pellon which makes the pages stiff like a real book and the removable pieces are double sided so they can be played with on the page or separately and all are made with the same material so they aren't floppy like the felt kind you see around.  This is the first book I have made like this, so it was a learning curve. Lots of sketching, making things and throwing them away and lots of hand sewing, which is not my thing, but I liked the way it turned out.  Of course I am much more critical of my work and can see so many things I want to change, but that's a slippery slope that leads to never finishing anything!!!  It's not very long, but hopefully long enough to keep him entertained for a few minutes and small enough to tuck in a bag or have in the car. I made a few similar pages (but kept them lose so they could both pay with them and not have to fight over the same book) for my kids almost 2 years ago and they still fight over who gets which one when I pull them out. Their favorite is the race track and our ocean scene (I put some pics of them below if you are curious). I hope this is as successful.